Let IVD create a web site that provides a unique business solution tailored to your companys image!
Custom Business Software and Application Development

Business Software Solutions

An average small business website can cost as little as $350. Hourly rates as low as $45/hr, Indiviual pages average between $75 and $150.
We develop using the latest Adobe products, Web 2.0 design concepts, HTML 5, CSS3 and Visual Studio 2012.

Basic Web Development

Perfect for most individuals and small businesses

- Our sites are developed using tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Photoshop. Our web designers are not just casual users of these tools but accomplished programmers.

- We can build your site in one of three ways...
  1. We can consult with you and learn enough about your business to create your site.
  2. You can provide all content and graphics
  3. You can provide some of the content and graphics and we will do the rest.
- Most customers choose option three were we colaborate to give you the web presence you desire.

- These features are applied at our low hourly rate.

Business Software Development

Non web apps as low as $65/hour

Take advantage of over 20 years programming experience with corporate America. All of our coding is overseen by our CIO. We adhere to strict coding standards and include inline documentation. We can provide internet as well as inner-office solutions.

Programming development may include, but is not limited to, any of the following.

- Client/Server application written in Visual Basic (VB), C# or Access.
- Database development; data integration with disparate systems.
- Web site creation in Apache/Linux, .Net or IIS environments.
- Latest versions of PHP, ASP, .Net, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XML,
  Visual Basic (VB), Access, script, windows.

Advanced Web Development

For those desiring a more robust user experience

- Advanced Web Designs, widget installations, ecommerce, SEO, training and more all at our same low price.

- Backend database solutions can be provided in using MS SQL, MySql or MS Access..

- If you have not started your web marketing effort, need to start over or want to add to your existing site, take advantage of this package for $795.
  • Up to ten (7) informational static HTML web pages
  • Up to 10 images or graphical elements
  • Additional image or graphical element will be billed at our base rate.
  • Updates or additional customization for only $45/hour.
  • Standard Website Hosting for one year included. A $119 savings.

Business Services

Web and Client Server services as low as $45/hour

SEO service plans are available. Please call to develop the right plan for your business and budget. Your plan may include one or more of the following.

- Major Search Engine (SE) Registration and monitoring.
- Directory Listings.
- Website SE optimization (SEO). Including code and display changes.
- Google places setup.
- Google Webmaster Tools setup.
- Drive Traffic To Your Website with Social Media Profiles.
- Back-link Listings

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertizing is available on a contract basis - Please call

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