Nor Have We Ever Been Involved In a Dispute, legal or otherwise

InVenia Design - Legal Statement
We reserve the right to limited liability. Any legal issues must be handled via arbitration.

Our legal advisor said we need a legal page so here is our simple agreement should you sign on with us. We reserve that right to change this document at any time without notice.

You have the right to have your site up and running to the best of our ability. The industry standard is about 99% of the time. We meet or beat that standard every month.

People change hosts or service providers for many reasons. We understand and honor your right to change your mind. You may discontinue our month to month hosting service or programming contract for any reason. Your site will remain active, in case you need it during a transfer process, until your monthly payment date arrives. We will make every effort to help you have a smooth transition.

Programming and other services are non-refundable. We suggest clients pay the low hourly rate if there is a concern with flat bids. If a prepaid contract is terminated by the client, InVenia Design will determine the refund amount, if any, for unfinished work. We would like to mention here that we have never had a pre-paid contract terminated.

There are only refunds for future service which have not been rendered. Payments must be received no later than 10 days after the due or services will be suspended. We retain the right to remove sites that are more than 30 days past due, from our system.

Web sites hosted on our system, email services and other software applications, may not be used for any questionable acts, immoral or illegal purposes such as pornography or spamming. We retain the right to discontinue these services immediately without any refunds.

We hope this sounds like a simple, safe and sound agreement between us. We will provide a link to a more complex legal statement if we find it necessary.

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