InVenia Design - Other Services and Service Details
Inexpensive Hosting Fees that Rival The Competition
Web Hosting
Our high speed servers are monitored 24/7 in a managed data center.

- Use our server to host your own domain as low as $12.99/mo by paying each year in advance.i.e.
- Take control of your domain cPanel and eMail or have us maintain your your site services for free. Hourly fees may apply to application installation and maintenance
- Full FTP services, schedule jobs with cron, blogging, chat room, bulletin board software and more...

In most cases all hosting startup is done with no extra charges.
  • Selecting your domain name.
  • Registering your domain name.
  • Directing your named servers to your web site.
Web Design/Development
Let IVD do it. We will create a professional looking web site while you relax or tend to your business.

- Coding, consultation and training in HTML, ASP, .Net, PHP, Visual Studio etc. available.
- On site training is available locally.
- Let us know how you would like us involved in your project...
  1. We can consult with you or train you so you can create and or maintain your own site.
  2. We create your site: You provide all content and graphics
  3. We create your site: You provide the content and graphics that you have available and we will do the rest including the creative pieces.
Mix and match our services to your needs. Most customers choose option three, were we colaborate with you to give you the web presence you desire.
Web Marketing
We can help you develop web strategies for attracting customers and/or selling product.
  • Optimize your web pages so they are automatically picked up by the search engines. (SEO)
  • Submit your web site directly to over 250 search engines. (SES)
  • We have in depth experience with paid web advertising and analytics, such as Google adWords.
  • We are constantly testing or sites and training to keep up with changing web marketing methods.
- We can also assist with non web marketing needs
  • Logo design.
  • Business card development.
  • ad copy for other venues such as magazines and radio.

Web Applications
We want to remind you that custom application development is what we specialize in. Our development expertise is in programming. If you can think it, we can build it for you. We have experts available in all areas of development; both web based and client server based.

Available through your cPanel you can use your free version of Fantastico Deluxe to install applications from the categories listed here.
  • Blogs, Classifieds, Content Management, Customer Relationship, Discussion (bulletin) Boards, E-Commerce, F.A.Q., Hosting Billing, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists, Polls and Surveys, Web Project Management, Web Site Builders, Wiki, other Scripts and Extras.

If installing applications is not your thing... Let IVD Do It
Business Software Development

Take advantage of over 20 years programming experience with corporate America. All of our coding is overseen by our CIO. We adhere to strict coding standards and include inline documentation. We can provide internet as well as inner-office solutions.

Programming development may include, but is not limited to, any of the following.
- Client/Server application written in Visual Basic (VB) or Access.
- Database development; data integration with disparate systems.
- Web site creation in Apache, .Net or IIS environments.
- PHP, ASP, .Net, CSS, HTML, DHTML, XML, Visual Basic (VB), C#, MS-SQL, Access, scripts, windows.
- Project management services are available. - We welcome requests for support and rewriting as well as creating new sites and systems.
- If you are interested in total business solutions, we have the experience to combine several tools
such as VB, PHP or ASP and a database, for example, to get the desired results.

CRM Support (contact management software)
Manage your employees, leads, sales, workflow, ROI and more.
Check out these unbelievable prices...

- The following CRM prices apply only to domains hosted on our servers
  • $175.00 install and basic setup (5 users and 5 email address).
  • $35.00/mo support fee guaranteed for the 1st year only.
  • $45.00/hr customization fee. We can tailor this application to your business.
  • We will automatically integrate your CRM with other applications we write for you.
- You may host your CRM at another location. The following fees apply.
  • $225.00 install and basic setup (5 users and 5 email address).
  • $35.00/mo support fee guaranteed for the 1st year only.
  • $45.00/hr customization fee. Tailor this product to your business.
  • Database integration with your current systems is available.
- You have to SEE our demo to belive it.
Lead Management
We would like to help you promote your business via lead generation and management.
  • Collect leads via the internet 24/7 by putting them into a database. The database could be a CRM or custom design.
  • Import leads from disparate systems
  • Distribute your leads to our CRM, your EIS system, email or mix and match as needed.
- We have over 15 years experience in ETL (Extract, Trasform and Load) processes. Custom distribution plans require a quote.

Technical Information (how we do it)
Web languages used
HTML - DHTML - CSS - ASP - .Net - VB - C# - PHP - JavaScript

Web tools (some of the many)
Adobe CS3, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop, MS Expression Web, Visual Studio

Platforms supported
Windows:  IIS, .Net, Web Services
Unix/Linux:  Apache, PHP

Server/System tools
(some of the many)
MS Enterprise Manager - MySql Admin - SmartFTP - Putty - cPanel - Plesk - WebMin - DotNetPanel

Client/Server languages used
Visual Studio .Net languages: Visual Basic (VB) - C#

Databases supported
MS SQL - MySql - Access