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  Site Development Services (Billed at our hourly rate)
I would like IVD to build a single web page (Starting @ $95.00).
I would like IVD to build a complete site (Starting @ $195.00).
Page development is not needed at this time.
I would like to have a CRM set up (current promo: $175 setup, $35/mo)
CRM service costs will appear on your next billing statement after the CRM has been provided.
  Domain Services
I manage my own domain or it is managed by a third party.
I want IVD to host and manage my domain name ($14.95/yr)
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  Site Hosting Services (ON SALE NOW - 3 year price guarentee)
None, I will use my current host. Website hosting company:
  *If you do not know your website hosting company's name we will help find it.
'Gold Business' package $169.95/yr. (or pay $17.95/mo.)     Click Here To Compare Packages
'Gold' package only $135.95/yr. (or pay $12.95/mo.)
'Blue' package only $99.95/yr. (or pay $9.95/mo.) - OUR MOST POPULAR SM. BUS. PACKAGE
MS Windows ASP package $149.95/yr.(or pay $14.95/mo.) - similar to our Gold Linux package

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